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EverQuest CotF Phase 2 Complete
Written by Komaf
28th of January 2014

Call of the Forsaken Phase 2 


So it came to be as expected The Darkwind are still the number one casual raiding guild on AB.


Sony decided to realese content in small amounts and with a low level of difficulty, leaving us with 2 challenges to face.


a) Finding the Server up

b) for the raidleader to pronounce nameds of the bee's in Pelzia's Plot.


Challenges The Darkwind overcame with iron will, sitting in teamspeak for more then 1 hour waiting for Sony to bring AB back to life, even though the other severs where up. The Names of the bee's i am still working on though!



Phase 2 started off with us beating Hate Rising raid in Neriaks 4th on our 2nd attempt. After a rather short attempt likely the fastest wipe seen in EQ history. Full of confidence we headed towards The Legacy of Bayle in Deadhills, wich is a rather interesting raid, demanding your ability to focus on serveral key parts at the same time, we had to wait until sunday before we could smash that down along with free loot in Western karana as we defended Lendiniara.


The most fun raid had to be Pelzia's blot. which at first appears somewhat overwelming but in the end The Darkwind won as always.


After only 8 hours of raiding and a great deal of fun. It is now time to bring out the tractors for some good old farming




 The Darkwind is recruiting










Remember Ariania want you to join The Darkwind!

EverQuest CotF Phase 1 Complete
Written by krozman
27th of October 2013

Without too much trouble, the first four raids of Tier 1 go down.  On to the farm!



EverQuest The Heart of Fear Defeated
Written by krozman
26th of July 2013

The latest expansion, Rain of Fear, has been a very successful one.  Today the final raid in Tier 4 was defeated, ending yet another chapter in the Darkwind books.  With Cazic Thule dead for good, we now switch to farm mode.  The final raid was defeated by a mere 46 members, no less.  RECRUITMENT IS OPEN for many classes.  Send a tell to an officer in game if you are interested in raiding success.   







Rift Kyzan denied!
Written by Hitem (Ariania)
23rd of June 2013

We got a taste for more epics, so we smacked Kyzan. Bringing us to 2/4 in Grim Awakening.
I have to say that this is one of the funniest 10man encounters so far. Next one looks promising aswell.


Kill video can be seen here.

Rift Magma Lord Taliban
Written by Hitem (Ariania)
17th of June 2013

Dendrome landed last week with Rift turning into 'free to play'. This ment new challanges and new adventures!
(5 new factiongrinds, a huge new zone and ofc some new raidcontent) 
We have allready started the progression with the first boss downed in Grim Awakening, behold, Magma Lord Kaliban.


Kill video can be seen here.

Rift Regulos rain ends
Written by Hitem (Ariania)
29th of April 2013

Crucia died a few weeks ago, Regulos died tonight and Darkwind prevails!
This is not another dungeon, this was the end dungeon of current content.

Well done, finally he falls.


Kill video can be seen here

So, next up we have some hardmode encounters but we also have a new zone incoming!
We are really looking forward for Dendrum, it looks promising and we will be ready for it - dont miss us there!

EverQuest Tier 3 Defeated
Written by krozman
21st of April 2013

So the first full raid day on Tier 3, and it proves to be less than challenging. 


The big bad snake seemed more difficult than Luclin, but the result was the same.




After the snake, we took one real attempt at Luclin, and this was the result.




Great job everyone.

Rift Dread Lord Goulash
Written by Alfiexx
4th of March 2013

So 1 day after killing Matriarch of Pestilence it only took us half an evening to kill Dread Lord Goloch.
Good job guys!


Kill video can be seen here


So with killing him so fast we got to progress on Regulos!
By far an awesome looking boss room, This should be fun!


Rift Matriarch of more loot
Written by Hitem (Ariania)
4th of March 2013

So we finished Frozen Tempest the other week, this week we are doing great progress in Endless Eclipse.
Behold, Matriarchs last breaths


Kill video can be seen here

EverQuest RoF 1.0 Defeated
Written by krozman
1st of March 2013

In slightly less dramatic fashion, the RoF expansion as it currently exists is defeated.  While only raiding 3 days a week, Darkwind continues to succeed where others fail.  Congrats to everyone in the guild who put in good effort each and every night. 



First he was like.....





Then, after he got punched in the eye a few times, he was like.......





A few minutes later, the result:



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