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EverQuest The Darkwind is hosting Open Raids
Written by Mizar
15th of January 2015

Some weeks have passed since The Darkened Sea expansion has been released, time enough for everybody make up an idea about how EQ will be for the months to follow, get new AAs, level up, etc.

As after each new expansion, some people leave, some people come, and we have to keep in mind EQ is not a dead game, but it's an ancient game already. As usual this also reflects on server populations.

The Darkwind is a guild with a long history which has evolved along the game and adapted to its aging. Most people in The Darkwind are now mature players, with a RL and limited play times, but we still like to log on and raid and play together to accomplish the challenges the game offers both in group game and high end raiding. We aim to be able to beat the raid content in time as fast as we can, but we don't sacrifice our RL's and time in order to beat other guilds at the top of the charts.

We are currently opening our raids to guests in order to complete our numbers/classes, even if most events can be done with fewer people it makes the events to last longer/ be harder, so we invite you to join us the fun, see the raids for yourselves, get to know us and of course get some goodies (loot, AA's, achievements, chits, etc ...)


The Darkwind Open Raids, basic rules as of January 2015:

- Raid days are: Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday from 8 p.m. CET and will end at approximately 11 p.m.

- Teamspeak is mandatory for all raiders (you dont need a microphone, just speakers to follow orders).

- You need to be at least level 100, have basic AAs, class knowledge, the ability to pay attention and follow orders, and some bare gear (nothing extraordinary, some standard group gear according to your level will suffice for most classes, this is your chance to get better gear !)

- It is highly advisable that you own "The Darkened Sea" expansion in order to get to level 105, but mainly to be able to join us in raiding this expansion.

- You must be able to use GINA (or any other method) to manage triggers for in-game emotes.

- We will commit to regularly raid the Tier 1a and Tier 1b events within Call of the Forsaken, ALL the loot for these tiers will be /ran among everybody in raid at zero cost. All Call of the Forsaken spells will also be /ran at no cost.

- While raiding DKP will be awarded for intime, outtime and each hour of raid, also sometimes we will award bonus dwp for different reasons. We will create a record in our system for each of you so you will be able to track your record (this can be viewed on

- For the time being loot from Call of the Forsaken Tier 2 and The Darkened Sea will be auctioned firstly among The Darkwind members, if no offers are made they will be /ran among our guests. We expect that in a few weeks as The Darkwind members get some pieces we will open the auction for guests also, where you will be able to spend the DKP you have earned.

- Don't forget all the events award chits (raid currency) which you can spend at NPC raid merchants on gear also.

- If you decide to join our open raids you can expect to get Call of the Forsaken T1a and T1b gear VERY VERY quick as most of The Darkwind have already all the upgrades from those tiers, for T2 and The Darkened Sea you can prepare yourself for the auctions in a few weeks by saving DKP by raiding with us more often.

Finally, it's a chance for you to try out raiding, or getting to know us, or simple raiding some fresh content without changing the guild tag you've built a bond with. Yet if you feel like you want to take part of this from inside then we are also recruiting several classes:

Go to the application section of for more info and our application form!

We are currently looking for these classes, but exceptional applications of other classes will also be considered:

Bard: High

Berserker: High

Beastlord: High

Cleric: High

Druid: High

Enchanter: Low

Magician: High

Monk: Medium

Necromancer: Medium

Paladin: Low

Ranger: Low

Rogue: Low

Shadowknight: High

Shaman: Medium

Warrior: Low

Wizard: High

We hope to see you soon in our raids, try it, you may love it !!

EverQuest Recruitment @ tDW
Written by Pondorra
17th of December 2014

How to apply

<The Darkwind> is an Everquest guild with a long history of high end raiding aiming for end game raidcontent.

We are currently raiding 3 days/week (Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, from 8pm CET to 11 pm), on current content, and we expect you to be able to keep high to moderate raid attendance in order to join up with us!

** We accept cross-server applications. For more information contact any officer in game (mail or tell) or via PM!

Application process:

Once you have decided to apply to us, your application post will be moved into members section for our members to discuss, you will get notice (via ingame tell/mail, answer to your PM) if you may join us as a recruit or not.

In order to become a fullmember you will need to raid and group with us and get to know us, after that we'll see if you are fit for our guild or not,

This process usually takes 3-5 weeks.

Current Requirements:
** Level 105.
** A few thousand well spent alternate abilities. (we expect atleast 2500 Raid Oriented AAs at trial start depending on class, you may experience beeing asked to reach a higher amount before trial can be completed)
** You have end-game raiding experience and gear/skills to show that.
** Respect the opinion of others.
** Have a positive attitude towards new encounters.
** Ability to listen and follow raid leader's instructions.
** The desire to improve by dialog with class mates and your class leader.
** Thorough knowledge of your class.
** Teamspeak 3 during raids is MANDATORY for raid instructions!
** Gina, GamParse

(we might also have gear requirements which can be discussed on application)

We are currently looking for these classes, but exceptional applications of other classes will also be considered:

Bard: High

Berserker: High
Beastlord: High

Cleric: Medium
Druid: High



Monk: High

Necromancer: Medium

Paladin: Low

Ranger: Low

Rogue: Low

Shadowknight: High

Shaman: High

Warrior: Low

Wizard: High

Guild desire:

Ability to have high online time will be weighted heavily

All applicants MUST post an application on our forums or send it via private message to any officer listed below.
Make sure to follow the directions given and USE THE APPLICATION TEMPLATE!.

In-game contacts:
Officer: Brorsan, Mizar, Pondorra, Izizizy, Sumar
Recruitment: Pondorra
If you want to know anything and none of the above are on, please use in-game mail or forum pm function.

Best regard(s),
The Darkwind Officer Team

EverQuest Open Raids
Written by Pondorra
16th of December 2014

Starting Tuesday December 16th, we will be starting open raids! This means we will allow anyone over lvl 100 - 105 to raid with us! Currently we are raiding Arx T1.


Ofc there will be minimum requirements, and those are under discussion as we speak. Will be updated in this and forum post later this afternoon (Dec 16th)


All items will be rolled on (for now). To attend this raid, plz inform Brorsan, Malcius, Mizar, Sumar, Pondorra, or reply to the post our EQ Application section on our website.


Raid days are: Tuesday - Thursday - Sunday @ 8 p.m. CET and will end ~ 11-ish p.m.

Teamspeak is mandatory (you dont need a microphone, just speakers to follow orders).


We are also recruiting several classes: go to the application section of for more info and application form!

EverQuest 2014 Update
Written by Pondorra
6th of December 2014

The year is ending, so it's time for some reflection.

We had WoT merge with us this summer, which was a good addition to our raid force and also lead to some changes that made some people sadly leave and yet have some others join. All in all, we are still going strong as a high end raiding guild, with a casual raiding schedule.

CotF is completed and we are still working on Defense of the City, which we would have completed weeks ago, if we had enough healers.

That brings me to my next point: we are in dire need of cleric and druids. We are offering any cleric / druid that decides to join our ranks a substantial raid point bonus (equivalent of more than a month raiding). SO if you want to start raiding seriously but yet with laid back raid times, feel more then welcomed to apply!

For the rest we are currently recruiting:








We also allow open up our raids to healers. Any cleric / druid / shaman that wants to join our raid on Sunday, Tuesday or Thursday from 7 pm - 10 pm GMT, please send Sumar, Mizar, Malcius, Brorsan or Pondorra a tell plz and we will work something out. You will build your own raid points / ra and will be treated a full raiding member.


Check out our website and forum via the buttons above and hope to see you soon!

EverQuest CotF Phase 2 Complete
Written by Komaf
28th of January 2014

Call of the Forsaken Phase 2 


So it came to be as expected The Darkwind are still the number one casual raiding guild on AB.


Sony decided to realese content in small amounts and with a low level of difficulty, leaving us with 2 challenges to face.


a) Finding the Server up

b) for the raidleader to pronounce nameds of the bee's in Pelzia's Plot.


Challenges The Darkwind overcame with iron will, sitting in teamspeak for more then 1 hour waiting for Sony to bring AB back to life, even though the other severs where up. The Names of the bee's i am still working on though!



Phase 2 started off with us beating Hate Rising raid in Neriaks 4th on our 2nd attempt. After a rather short attempt likely the fastest wipe seen in EQ history. Full of confidence we headed towards The Legacy of Bayle in Deadhills, wich is a rather interesting raid, demanding your ability to focus on serveral key parts at the same time, we had to wait until sunday before we could smash that down along with free loot in Western karana as we defended Lendiniara.


The most fun raid had to be Pelzia's blot. which at first appears somewhat overwelming but in the end The Darkwind won as always.


After only 8 hours of raiding and a great deal of fun. It is now time to bring out the tractors for some good old farming




 The Darkwind is recruiting










Remember Ariania want you to join The Darkwind!

EverQuest CotF Phase 1 Complete
Written by krozman
27th of October 2013

Without too much trouble, the first four raids of Tier 1 go down.  On to the farm!



EverQuest The Heart of Fear Defeated
Written by krozman
26th of July 2013

The latest expansion, Rain of Fear, has been a very successful one.  Today the final raid in Tier 4 was defeated, ending yet another chapter in the Darkwind books.  With Cazic Thule dead for good, we now switch to farm mode.  The final raid was defeated by a mere 46 members, no less.  RECRUITMENT IS OPEN for many classes.  Send a tell to an officer in game if you are interested in raiding success.   







Rift Kyzan denied!
Written by Hitem (Ariania)
23rd of June 2013

We got a taste for more epics, so we smacked Kyzan. Bringing us to 2/4 in Grim Awakening.
I have to say that this is one of the funniest 10man encounters so far. Next one looks promising aswell.


Kill video can be seen here.

Rift Magma Lord Taliban
Written by Hitem (Ariania)
17th of June 2013

Dendrome landed last week with Rift turning into 'free to play'. This ment new challanges and new adventures!
(5 new factiongrinds, a huge new zone and ofc some new raidcontent) 
We have allready started the progression with the first boss downed in Grim Awakening, behold, Magma Lord Kaliban.


Kill video can be seen here.

Rift Regulos rain ends
Written by Hitem (Ariania)
29th of April 2013

Crucia died a few weeks ago, Regulos died tonight and Darkwind prevails!
This is not another dungeon, this was the end dungeon of current content.

Well done, finally he falls.


Kill video can be seen here

So, next up we have some hardmode encounters but we also have a new zone incoming!
We are really looking forward for Dendrum, it looks promising and we will be ready for it - dont miss us there!

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