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DarkwindWelcome to the past of Darkwind in EverQuest


This page is based on a memorial post, from the old forums, that our member Slaani did when he quit EverQuest altogether with most of our remaining guild core.
It has been separated by game expansions to ease the read, but the text is all copy&pasted.

This was posted so that the guild's first, and probably most epic adventures so far, wouldn't be forgotten in the past. If you have not been in Darkwind you will most likely not see yourself in the screenshots, but if you played EverQuest, or wonder what this so-called start of real MMORPG game is, then you will enjoy the screenshots for sure.

Grab a drink, for Darkwind presents you a few moments of nostalgia!
Chapter I
Killing our first dragons in The Scars of Velious
Chapter II
Farming shards in Shadows of Luclin
Chapter III
Facing the Gods in the Planes of Power
Chapter IV
Through the (really) broken muramite grounds in the Gates of Discord
Chapter V
Might and Dwagons in Omens of War and Dragons of Norrath
Chapter VI
Pinning down the spine in the Depths of Darkhollow
Chapter VII
The Decadence: Prophecy of Ro, The Serpent's Shrine, Fabled PoPand over
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