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Attachment(s) OverLord Mata Muram - Darkwind - Ragefire

So we took it easy on Omens of War first few days . Worked our way to 70 . Got our signets and did the MPG Trials .

And then we entered Anguish .

We went from named to named looking like


Loot was flowing , our world looked like


Easy right we started thinking


Until we meet this fella :


Personnaly it was my first time agaisnt OMM , and i bet it was also for many others .

So we had to learn how this thing worked


So , after raid day 1 . Overlord Mata Muram 1 - Darkwind 0

WE came back the next week end .


And it looked like this :
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Attachment(s) Better Late then Never

After a short break Deathknell, Tower of Dissonance is now on farm status

EQ000128.jpg (807.75 KiB) Viewed 192 times

Darkwind X is looking to expand our ranks with high playtime, motivated raiders. Currently looking for Clerics, Mages, Druids, Bards and a Shadow Knight. /tell Crebo for more info!'

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Attachment(s) Darkwind Vs DPoB

So this expansion came........there was a bit more excitement with DPoB than previous and it was a little more challenging!

We visited a few old friends we hadnt seen in sometime in Demi-Plane.

Slapped them around a bit and came with with a fallen Mayong!

EQ000052.jpg (722.75 KiB) Viewed 352 times

We even found that Madlez wished he could be a frog.....we made his dream come true!

Madlez the Frog.png
Madlez the Frog.png (320.11 KiB) Viewed 352 times

Darkwind are still looking for those few exceptional people to fill our ranks!

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Attachment(s) Gates of Discord on Ragefire

Gates3.jpg (422.17 KiB) Viewed 501 times

Gates2.jpg (206.34 KiB) Viewed 501 times

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Attachment(s) Dragons of Norrath

Frontpage.jpg (522.65 KiB) Viewed 581 times

Yet another expansion falls to Darkwind.

Well done to all the members and officers on completion of the expansion within 24 hours!

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Darkwind is now Recruiting

"DARKWIND X" Is now recuiting!

Do you want to be part of fun and active guild on Phinny?

Currently we are recruiting Players!! Why? We are splitting everything we raid currently we split only twice but we want to expand that. If you play in euro time zones then come and join us. You are guaranteed a raid spot with us. Come and have a challenge instead of facerolling content with full raids.

- Look on forum for which classes are open

- Even if your class is not open we always seek high skilled motivated players. If you think you can add something to our team we want you.

For more information contact any Darkwind X member !

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Attachment(s) Darkwind VS Omens of War

Darkwind VS Omens of War

Darkwind was really the only guild contesting OW spawns in GoD with AoS which resulted in us being very well farmed for the short expansion. We took the Launch of Omens pretty relaxed, letting most of the guild reach 70 before we started raiding and Signets. Hats off to everyone as we were all done by Sunday night. Once we decided to venture into MPG Trials we blew through them, taking 2 hours to do them all including the clearing. The guild was on point all night and did a great job.

Come Monday night we set foot in Anguish and had a blast. Most of our guild is new to this expansion but we worked together and cleared all the zone could throw at us upto Overlord.

Come Tuesday and the guild wanted to finish up before the patch we knew was coming. We had 1 warm up attempt on Overlord and then took him straight down, no cheese involved.

DW is a great team and family that is getting stronger with each expansion. Old and new players get in touch!!!

Darkwind on Phinigel is still looking for more people to join our ranks.

If you would like to know more about the guild, information can be found >HERE<
^E89A9EA71A3C200A87146E34B06F59E37C37059965DB11E75F^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr.jpg (563.33 KiB) Viewed 999 times

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Attachment(s) Gates of Discord

A full update to follow.

We finished top EU guild. Now farm mode. :o

We are recruiting. Come join the fun.
Muram-pic-01.jpg (650.64 KiB) Viewed 987 times

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