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So Velious landed on Ragefire [1hour late] Epic stuff.

Honestly day 1 was an amazing feeling and experience. Seeing how all of Darkwind turned up and stuck to our plan, we raided 12 hours straight and kill everything we tried. Our aim was to collect all the ST keys or die trying. The raid was prepped and we had around 120 members turn up! All members knew what we were doing and how we were doing it.





So a great start with a great team. Sadly things start to hit the fan after that. If you don't read the Daybreak forums I shall try and sum it up. The content has been buffed Yay etc. Well sadly that was shit because they added in regen that made each of these fights take a stupid amount of time to die.

We killed Ikatiar the Venom and Eashen of the Sky in Tov and Telkorenar. Each fight taking around 20-30 mins.

Engaged the first real dragon in Ntov Aaryonar only to find that shit cant go past 100% hp.

We then called a night on our first day.

Since then we have had many adventures in Velious and it really is an amazing expansion, game creators back in the day should be proud even now.

We ventured into ST on day one with a few keyed members. Luckily the zone was implemented perfectly...ah wait this is Beta/Alpha testing. The zone was infact empty of anything and everything. After a few petitions and complaints we got the zone populated! Thank you Devs who took time to fix someone's mistake.

Sadly though again as the picture below shows, our first kill had 0 loot....


Rumor has it that a patch is coming this week, perhaps these fixes will be done better than the fix in Skyshrine below....Image
The guild is in a great situation at the moment and everyone is farming and working well together and its great to see so many people excited and have returned for Velious.

If your still on LJ come and join Ragefire, even if the content is broken you can have fun trying it!

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Old forum / EQDKP

The old Forum and EQDKP will stay available at and for a while...

If you have trouble logging into the old Forum, clear your cookies.

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Kunark Recap

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