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Attachment(s) Phinigel Update

Phinigel Update
We decided it was time to do a small update on how Darkwind was doing on Phinigel.

In the middle of the summer, while alot was out enjoying the weather (catching Pokemon's), we decided to start Darkwind on Phinigel.
Madlez wrote:
39 years old playing pokemon, running around like an idiot. But i like it!

We laid down a goal. We wanted to get as much Hall of Testing Armour and Epics done before the 2. August. At this point we would start raiding bigger targets.

The first few weeks we managed to get alot of minor targets down for epics for both new people and the Ragefire people who joined us here on Phinigel.
Epic.jpg (319.56 KiB) Viewed 3495 times

Then we started farming Halls of Testing for Skyshrine Armour for those who still needed.

Thinking that would be enough for the people of Darkwind may have been a misunderstanding.
It did not take long before Epics was done and most was in their shiny SS armour seeking out bigger challenges.
At this point we started to look at Open world targets and Instanced Kael/WW/DN, especially ST-key droppers.

Managed to slay Vindi, King T and Statue with 28 members in Instance the first time and Vindi and Statue in Open world with 25 people.
This made us even more hungry for harder targets and we moved on to ToV bosses. Where we slayed Dozekar for the first time on Phinigel Sunday 31st of July.

The first of August was a happy surprice. Alot returned from holidays and Pokamon. For the first time this summer we had what looked like a decent raidforce.
This called for a challenge! We started with Klandicar Open World to get yet another ST-key.
Then we moved to EJ to get a Green Scale for our warrior (Who now has epic, Grats Nedtur).
And finally we decided there was time to test out North Temple of Veeshan. This ment the death of Ikatiar the Venom, Eashen of the Sky and finally Aaryonar!
Aaryonar.jpg (471.3 KiB) Viewed 3495 times

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Attachment(s) It finally happened!

So this finaly happened last night! I think its worth a news update!

But im just so fucking happy. Thanks to my guild, everyone that participated and believed in me. Thanks to my parents in rivervale. To my cat for being around and cheering on me. You all made this dream come true. I love you all!


P.S. That means you guys dont need to farm Ntov with me for all eternity like it happened on AB :mrgreen:
EQ000045.jpg (284.46 KiB) Viewed 3914 times

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The Darkwind Challange

Do you have what it takes? Here in Darkwind Velious has been on farm mode for a long time. We rarely visit Kunark or anywhere outside of Velious bar Fear.

So we decided to change it up a bit. We wanted to give our members something fun to do as a team in their spare time that showcases how good they can be. So we are in the process of setting up Challanges for everyone.

All guilds/servers are welcome to take part in this and lets see if you really are as good as you say you are?

Team Gnomemafia did:


Sev with less than 2 groups. Well its been done with 11. Can it be done with less? Lets find out! More will be posted about the challenges we are throwing out to players. Stay tuned!!

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Waking the Sleeper

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Avatar of War

Sunday 17/04/16 3pm CET.

Simply put we needed 213 bodies to do this. Amazing turnout from everyone. Flawless execution despite having to split the raids and TS channels and so on, it worked exactly how we planned. Haters can do what they want but I am extremely proud to have been part of this. Getting a kill before anyone else is huge. Killing a mob that we couldn't budge his hp with around 160 toons before shows how much effort was required to do the dps. Aside from that yes, AoW is easy as a plain tank and spank mob when your clerics and warriors are exceptional.

If you play on a boxing progression server and you want a challenge and to see things first Darkwind is simply your only option. Come join a team that evolves and grows under pressure and gets the job done together.

We have been doing this as a guild since Velious was originally launched December 2000, Racking up Server firsts and Server wide firsts. We stand the test of time, we don't give up. What have you got?


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Sleepers Tomb

Darkwind in ST

We have always had a strong history in Sleepers Tomb as you can see below from us raiding on AB:

Darkwind got hands on enough keys for the most unique progress Event / Zone in Everquest at all: Sleeper�s Tomb.
The unique part of this zone is that you can do the final event only 1 Time at all on every server (unless a bug comes up like it did happen on AB)
Once you kill all 4 Warder Dragons at same time, the Sleeper comes free and doing his killing spree around trough Norrath.
As far I know Darkwind was the only guild worldwide that did awaken the Sleeper 3 (!) times.


For Antonious Bayle there was some kind of an agreement among the 3 Guilds, who was able to release the Sleeper, so that every guild would have its Chance to farm some loot.
Unfortunately this agreement was broken by 1 guild and so Darkwind decided to release the Sleeper.

Fast forward to now

The Progenitor
Master of the Guard
The Final Arbiter
Hraashna the Warder
Nanzata the Warder
Tukaarak the Warder
Ventani the Warder

All Dead

We are the only guild killing in ST. Our aim is simple. We will farm enough droppable for Darkwind members and store items for new members as and when they come. However the loot is better once the Sleeper has been awoken. So..... Currently our plan is to wake Sleeper in about 1 months time. That being said if any other guild on the server brings more than 3-4 groups of players into the zone we will wake him early.

If you want to see:


Get a Darkwind tag and turn upto raids!

We will schedule the event of waking him so all Darkwind members can be on to see it and participate.

If you are not in Darkwind and want to be part of this momentous occasion please apply at eqapp.php or contact an officer so we can find a way to get you in!

All classes are open and you can be part of Darkwind if you have a desire to play at a high level and the ability to play 2+ hours for long fights!

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Tunare Amazing

. :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o

So Tunare, we called our first raid on the Plane of Growth last Friday. Everyone was queuing up to have a chance at the girl. Whether your a tits or ass guy she had everything you wanted [personally I prefer beautiful bottoms]

Well by everyone sadly that excluded Incarnate Tonin and Melodii who have to settle for a picture like this to explain just how willing your God was to put out for the DW crew. Thanks guys for letting us have a turn on her.
Anyway back to the topic. We engaged her thinking and assume she would be like a girl on prom but she was wise to our ideas. Our cleric number of 5 proved to be shit low so we started going oom, we were not prepared for her to have same dps output as AoW. In case you don't know much about this encounter bar using her rather long legs to kick you away after she is done with you she also hits like something from Geordie shore[see below].

Right so 5 clerics and us being oom at 80% with 130 in the zone. Sweet? [yes we go dps heavy on our fights due to regen] Well we figured throw dwarfs at her to stall. She couldn't deal with the 3 legged dwarfs we have of Birkoff, Brolof and Golias. That bitch was choking hard as we ran more and more clerics adding them into our ch chain. Swiftly we recovered and despite losing a lot of tanks we managed to get her down.

Funnily enough being better prepared for a second go and her being more willing to our advances she lay down a second time to Darkwind with a single death.

Most enjoyable loot and best fight we have done this expansion. Thanks guys for doing so well!

Honestly some beautiful stuff loot.

We have more updates but I felt this one deserved something special. Come and join the fun and actually kill challenging encounters

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Attachment(s) Temple of Veeshan

Pictures speak louder than FI words. [hows Kunark?]

Day one we killed what we could and had a blast. After that we farmed hard, geared up and despite the regen bug that is still in.... anyway mobs fell over to DW in a 9 hour raid. All server firsts and doubtful anyone will manage them before nerf.

Dozekar the Cursed
Dagarn the Destroyer
Lord Feshlak
Eashen of the Sky
Ikatiar the Venom
Lord Kreizenn

sev.jpg (412.73 KiB) Viewed 1850 times
Lord red.jpg
Lord red.jpg (580.34 KiB) Viewed 1850 times
Fesh.jpg (435.67 KiB) Viewed 1850 times
Jor.jpg (506.08 KiB) Viewed 1850 times
doze.jpg (238.33 KiB) Viewed 1850 times
aar.jpg (438.38 KiB) Viewed 1850 times

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So Velious landed on Ragefire [1hour late] Epic stuff.

Honestly day 1 was an amazing feeling and experience. Seeing how all of Darkwind turned up and stuck to our plan, we raided 12 hours straight and kill everything we tried. Our aim was to collect all the ST keys or die trying. The raid was prepped and we had around 120 members turn up! All members knew what we were doing and how we were doing it.





So a great start with a great team. Sadly things start to hit the fan after that. If you don't read the Daybreak forums I shall try and sum it up. The content has been buffed Yay etc. Well sadly that was shit because they added in regen that made each of these fights take a stupid amount of time to die.

We killed Ikatiar the Venom and Eashen of the Sky in Tov and Telkorenar. Each fight taking around 20-30 mins.

Engaged the first real dragon in Ntov Aaryonar only to find that shit cant go past 100% hp.

We then called a night on our first day.

Since then we have had many adventures in Velious and it really is an amazing expansion, game creators back in the day should be proud even now.

We ventured into ST on day one with a few keyed members. Luckily the zone was implemented perfectly...ah wait this is Beta/Alpha testing. The zone was infact empty of anything and everything. After a few petitions and complaints we got the zone populated! Thank you Devs who took time to fix someone's mistake.

Sadly though again as the picture below shows, our first kill had 0 loot....


Rumor has it that a patch is coming this week, perhaps these fixes will be done better than the fix in Skyshrine below....Image
The guild is in a great situation at the moment and everyone is farming and working well together and its great to see so many people excited and have returned for Velious.

If your still on LJ come and join Ragefire, even if the content is broken you can have fun trying it!

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Old forum / EQDKP

The old Forum and EQDKP will stay available at and for a while...

If you have trouble logging into the old Forum, clear your cookies.

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Kunark Recap

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