Ragefire - Vulak Charmed by Troll, More Dragons Die

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Ragefire - Vulak Charmed by Troll, More Dragons Die

Postby Meredyth » Tue Aug 30, 2016 5:11 am

Darkwind has been busy on Ragefire, killing dragons and upgrading our wardrobes. Luclin is coming so we have to get ready. Nuggella tried a bold new fashion statement while we were killing Vulak, but we thought the D-cups should stay on her chest so thankfully she put them back for the next target. Vulak seemed to like it though because she kept getting hit on.

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We like killing dragons so much we even went back and did Severilous with 13 and Faydedar with 11
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Come play with us, it's a blast - we keep kicking ass and taking names from the denizens of Norrath

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